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Chamber and Digi Bucks


What are Chamber Bucks?

Chamber Bucks can be purchased by anyone as a gift, bonus or just for fun. They come in $5 and $10 denominations and are used just like cash. Chamber Bucks can be purchased at the Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce office.

What are Digi Bucks?

Digi Bucks are given to DigiKey Electronic employees throughout the year and always during the holiday season and are used like cash. Digi Bucks do expire and the expiration date is printed on the buck.

Where can you spend Chamber and Digi Bucks?

At participating Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce member businesses and organizations.



How do you know if a business or organization is a member?

Businesses and organizations have a sticker on display that show they are a member and accept Chamber and Digi Bucks.

What is the point of the Chamber and Digi Bucks?

To keep business local and boost our local economy. The Chamber has processed over $276,000 that were spent in the Thief River Falls community.

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