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    The TRF Downtown Development Association, a committee of the Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce, is working to preserve and rejuvenate downtown Thief River Falls as a vibrant and flourishing destination. You can help out too in making these goals a reality. Every Thief River Falls business and resident has a stake in the vitality of downtown. Whether you show your support and assistance through a monetary contribution or by getting involved with one of the TRF Downtown Development Association committees you can make a difference in Thief River Falls.

  • A New Beginning for Downtown Thief River Falls

    The TRF Downtown Development Association is worked on a  summer project with the University of Minnesota to create a master plan for downtown Thief River Falls. The project consisted of three community workshops to gain feedback from the public, the meetings were held June 22, July 19 and August 17 at the Carnegie. To view the final masterplan, click here.

    To view the slides from the second Downtown Community Workshop held on July 19 click here. To view the poster from the second Downtown Community Workshop click here.

    To view the slides from the third and final Downtown Community Workshop held on August 17 click here. To view the poster board from the third and final Downtown Community Workshop click here.

    This project is funded through the Northwest Minnesota Foundation, the University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, the University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development, the City of Thief River Falls and the Downtown Development Association, a committee of the Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce.

    Downtown Cleanup Day

    Downtown Cleanup Day is scheduled for Thursday, May 3. Everyone is welcome to help out and help clean our sidewalks. Volunteers should meet at 6 p.m. at Budget and bring brooms, shovels, bags and gloves.

    Group Meetings

    All group meetings will be held at 6:15 p.m.

    Monday, July 9 at The Hive Bar & Grill
    Monday, August 13 at River Walk Public House
    Monday, September 10 at River Walk Public House
    Monday, October 8 at River Walk Public House
    Monday, November 12 at River Walk Public House
    Monday, December 10 at River Walk Public House


    If you are interested in becoming more involved with the TRFDDA, please consider joining a sub0-ommittee. See below for committee information and contact information.

    Relations & Planning Committee - The relations & planning committee works to gain membership and maintain relationships with current members, the City and other organizations in Thief River Falls and the surrounding area as working to envision the future of downtown Thief River Falls. Contact: Trevor Swanson, 681-2608, purdys@wiktel.com

    Events & Marketing Committee - The events & marketing committee plans and implements the TRFDDA events including Downtown Clean Up Day, Crazy Days, Spooktacular Saturday and Small Business Business Saturday. The committee also works to promote the TRFDDA and the events. Contact: Ryan Bakken, 681-2309, budget454@yahoo.com or Jim Dagg, 681-2900, jdaggins@mncable.net


    For more information, contact the Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce at 218-681-3720 or contact@trfchamber.com or contact one of the executive committee chairs.

    TRFDDA Chair - Ryan Walseth, 681-4100, rwalseth@bergantravel.com

    Co-Chair- Beth Iliff, 686-3827, biliff@houstoneng.com

    Relations and Planning Committee Chairs -

    Trevor Swanson, 681-2608, purdys@wiktel.com

    Events and Marketing Chairs

    Ryan Bakken, 681-2309, budget454@yahoo.com

    Jim Dagg, 681-2900, jdaggins@mncable.net

  • TRFDDA Supporters

    Thank you to the following businesses and indviduals who have donated to the TRFDDA's efforts!

    Bergan Travel

    Border State Bank


    Community Consignments

    Diamonds & Designs

    Digi-Key Electronics

    DNT Holdings

    Don Sollom

    Eclectic Collections & Confections/The Candy Store

    Faye Auchenpaugh

    Genereux Realty

    HDR Engineering

    Helmich Dental

    Janice Upham

    Jim Dagg Insurance Agency

    Kyle & Mary Anderson

    Legends Sporting Goods

    Lindahl's Furniture

    Michael Parker

    Nordin Realty

    Northern Motors

    Northwest Power Systems

    Paint & Glass

    Pennington Main/Square


    Purdy's Shoe Store

    Quotable Kids Speech & Language Clinic

    River City Gifts/Northland Produce

    Rod Otterness

    Roger & Ardy Tunberg

    S & S Rehab Products

    Salon 209


    Sundance Dining/Quality Inn

    The Shed on Third

    Thief River Glass

    Thief River House of Prayer

    Tim & Veronica Erickson

    Tony Dorn POS

    TRF Mini Storage

    Unity Bank North

  • Project Runway Fashion Show

  • Downtown Cleanup 2018


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  • Crazy Days 2017

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  • Downtown Cleanup Day 2017

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  • Crazy Days 2016

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      TRF Women of Today Pet Parade Participants
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      TRF Women of Today Pet Parade Participants
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  • Downtown Cleanup Day 2016

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  • Downtown Thief River Falls, 1932