• The Key Skills for Leaders in a New World Virtual Learning Experience

    If you are unsure about how to empower your employees to take self-responsibility and choose selfengagement during these challenging times, you will want to join our free two-hour virtual workshop with other leaders to explore and develop the key skill for engaging yourself and others in our new reality.  You will walk away with:  
    • Tools you can immediately employ to increase self-engagement and accountability. 
    • Insights that will shift the way you respond to future crises in the workplace.
    • Follow-up online learning and individual coaching samples to help you apply your learning – similar to the globally-acclaimed Self-Leadership virtual learning class taught in 32 countries.   

    If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed about how to ignite top performance during such unsettling times as these, you are not alone!  It is more important than ever before that high performance, accountability, and full engagement comes from within the individual employee – rather than forced through an external leadership initiative. Especially given that 70-80% of all employees are currently home-based and will likely continue to spend at least some of their time away from the watchful eye of their leaders and managers. 
     Join us on Aug. 12, from 11a.m.– 1p.m. for a ground-breaking learning experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Register here. For questions, email Kirsten: kirsten.michalke@northlandcollege.edu.
    A New Leadership Approach for Our New World Handout